The Jordanian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

A Dynamic Start

Start-up incubators have been fundamental to the development of Jordan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Success Stories

Successful Jordanian entrepreneurs have been essential to the country’s reputation as a start-up hub

Ecosystem Building

A Path Forward

Who are we?

GrowHome is a social media platform connecting diasporas to entrepreneurs back home. The problem we’re trying to solve is twofold: on one hand, diasporas often gain professional and financial resources abroad which they want to share with people back home, but they have no easy way to do so. On the other hand, entrepreneurs in emerging countries have incredible talent, but lack access to business opportunities. On GrowHome, diasporas can mentor, collaborate and fund entrepreneurs from their home countries. Through the social media interface, diasporas can do what we call “impact tracking” by seeing updates from the entrepreneurs they help directly on their feed.

We are launching our BETA product in Jordan and Palestine. Visit our website and sign up for our BETA waiting list, either as a diaspora or an entrepreneur.

To get updated on our progress, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube.

Listen to our podcasts on Spotify.

“Turning brain drain into brain gain” — GrowHome



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A start-up connecting diasporas to entrepreneurs back home. Sign up as either a diaspora or an entrepreneur at