Revolutionizing the Palestinian construction sector

Amal’s founder, Rowan Alawi

AmalWork عمل was founded by Rowan Alawi, a graduate from Birzeit University, who identified a clear problem in her native West Bank. She noticed that there was a severe disconnect between unemployed Palestinian construction workers looking for jobs, and construction companies looking for such workers. Scores of unemployed workers would sit on sidewalks each day, waiting for a quick, daily construction gig. On the other hand, construction companies complained about having difficulties finding available labor.

The platform she created, AmalWork, aims to bridge that gap. She started the company with her father, a contractor, and has attracted hundreds of workers to the platform. Both Rowan and her father have extensive experience in the construction industry, making their solution all the more relevant.

AmalWork puts a strong emphasis on guaranteeing better job safety and dignity for its workers. Companies that hire through Amal Work typically sign on workers for periods of at least a month.

The Amal Work platform provides cross-examinations of worker/contractor profiles and has multiple filters, including reviews. Both parties can track progress and receive reports, alongside other features and services. Amal Work aims to help sustain workers’ access to suitable employment opportunities and ensure that their safety and dignity is preserved.

A mutually beneficial marketplace

Amal aims to make life easier for both workers and contractors. On the worker side, Amal allows workers to directly apply to jobs through the platforms, instead of scavanging for unsure construction gigs daily. On the other hand, Amal allows construction companies to easily manage their workforce, payroll and communications. Amal insists on their platform being one of the best tools for construction companies to make effective, data-driven decisions. Using the latest machine-learning technology, Amal’s software is continuously improving the quality of the matches it makes between works and construction companies.

The app is currently available in the Google PlayStore, and is in development for an upcoming release to the Apple Store. Amal’s success and innovation was quick to be noticed; they were recently selected to take part in the 2020 Dubai World Expo, alongside a plethora of other promising companies. Although started in Palestine, the Amal Work model is undoubtebly applicable to a variety of other countries both regionally and globally.

Value proposition & Business Model

Amal’s value proposition really consists of three components:

  • Reducing human error
  • Optimizing the workforce
  • Generating data-driven decisions

Their business model is fairly simple: they charge a fee for construction companies to use their platform, which include features such as a hiring dashboard, the ability to post job offers, location&time tracking, as well as real time reports and analytics.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with Amal’s CEO, please contact or connect with Rowan on Linkedin.

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