3 Lebanese diaspora organizations to get involved with

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Lebanon’s diverse and successful diaspora is a real asset for the country itself. Lebanese people are proud and eager to help their home country in one way or another. The strong mobilisation following the Beirut blast is a case in point. However, diasporas are often confused by the abundant number of ways to help back home. This information can be overwhelming, and diasporas often don’t know where to start.

In this article, we shine the spotlight on three Lebanese diaspora organizations that you can get involved with. This is a non-exhaustive list; we’ve just curated a couple of great ones to get started with. Getting involved with one of these will generally lead to other involvments down the road; getting started is the most important part!

1. Impact Lebanon

This organization is a fantastic way for Lebanese diasporas from all walks of life to come together and take action to build a better Lebanon. Their impact is divided into three main tenets: initiatives, events and fundraising.

  • Initiatives: The Impact Lebanon method is simple: launch initiatives, get people to volunteer. This grassroots and action-centered methodology has already yielded great impact. Check out the list of their ongoing initiatives here. To date, the organization has completed 16 initiatives, with 23 ongoing. These initiatives include things such as advocacy, humanitarian causes, and even online concept stores.
  • Events: These events are some of the best ways to get informed about what the diaspora is undertaking, as well as creating meaningful connections with other Lebanese people around the globe. The pandemic has democratized access to these, meaning anyone in the world can take part in them. Impact Lebanon’s events range a wide variety of topics, from how to get a job in the UK to how to rebuild Beirut.
  • Fundraisers: The website explains it best: “At Impact Lebanon, we raise money to support viable initiatives for change and relief in Lebanon and distribute it to trusted and rigorously vetted organisations on the ground. We have a team at Impact Lebanon dedicated to vetting other NGOs and leading careful examinations of their suitability to receive our funds.”

Impact Lebanon places a big emphasis on the values it promotes, which include human rights, non-sectarianism, and inclusivity just to name a few.

To get involved with Impact Lebanon, fill out the volunteer form here. Contact them at team@impactlebanon.org

Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

2. LebNet

LebNet is an outstanding organization created by Lebanese professionals from the Silicon Valley. The group started informally, as a way for Lebanese professionals to connect over their shared cultural backgrounds. Overtime, the network grew and LebNet eventually became a non-profit, with an emphasis on connecting Lebanese professionals abroad to Lebanese talent back home.

LebNet offers a variety of ways to get involved, especially through the different programs that they run including:

  • Mentorship: This program connects Lebanese start-up founders in Lebanon and abroad with LebNet’s extensive network of professionals and experts, ready to help. Whether you need a mentor or want to become a mentor yourself, check this program out.
  • Internships: This program seeks to showcase internship opportunities for young Lebanese diasporas. This is an awesome program if you are trying to build your diaspora connections while advancing your career. The program also offers internship opportunities for students in Lebanon to come work in the US/Canada.

The organization’s flagship program would have to be LebNet Ignite, which is most succintly explained by the website itself.

On top of all these programs, LebNet also hosts a multitude of events. A recap of some of these events they’ve done so far is available here.

As always, the best way to stay updated on LebNet’s future programs/opportunities/events is to follow their socials. Folow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also contact them directly by email at info@lebnet.us

LebNet has also been extremely active in supporting victims of the Beirut blast. Contact them to see how you can help.

3. Beit El Baraka

This isn’t a diaspora organization per se, but if you want to get involved in helping Lebanon, Beit El Baraka should definitely be a go-to.

By donating to Beit El Baraka (or volunteering with them), you are contributing to the fantastic mission they have of helping people in Lebanon. Their work covers a wide range of sectors; they refurbish homes, help pay utility bills, facilitate access to medicine, provide food assistance, and more.

All of their financials, and what they use the money for, is clearly posted on their website, assuring you that your donation is in good hands. They have evidently been heavily involved in the Beirut blast relief efforts as well.

They run innovative programs such as the free supermarket, and large scale agricultural projects designed to truly maximize Lebanon’s agricultural potential.

Follow them on Instagram, Youtube or contact them directly at info@beitelbaraka.org

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